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Breathing Wallpaper”— Our non-woven wallpaper also called pulp fiber cloth or wood pulp fiber, is currently the most popular in the international new wallpaper of green environmental protection material. Using Natural plants such as cotton and linen fiber then become one kind of non-woven forming a wallpaper.

We are a strong production capacity of the wallpaper manufacturers, the price of wallpaper are flexible negotiable. The factory covers an area of 70000 square meters, annual output of eight thousand square non-woven wallpaper. Welcome to visit~

Our wallpaper both use water ink printing for environmental protection, comply with strict standard for production quality and packaging.


  1. Water ink printing for environmental protection,comply with strict standard for production quality and packaging.
  2. Non-toxic,durable and moisture-proof, colorfast, non-yellowish
  3. Contains diatom mud, removal of formaldehyde, purify air, adjust the humidity
  4. flexible price available and negotiable
  5. Roll Size: 53cm*100 cm
  6. Packing: 6 Rolls/Carton
  7. Carton Size: 22cm*15cm*55cm/ 27cm*18.5cm*54.5cm
  8. Color: many for choose

Free Samples offered:

You can choose any models at this website and write to us, then we will send samples by express courier like DHL, Fedex or others. You have pay for the freight fee, you can place a trial order for testing after the samples.

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