About us

Hello! We are Yantai Shangqin International Trade Co.,Ltd. We are here waiting for you to show a Chinese company’s products and culture. Credit is more important than gold , our aim is to provide you with honest service and quality products at reasonable prices.

We’ll be there , stubbornly persists. We always follow the principles of customer focus , with international trade and production and processing of two main business , to provide you with a superior product.

We are here, full of passion. We produce high-quality, green environmental protection, innovative design wallpaper. Our company rapid growth of Asia’s largest green wallpaper manufacturers, and strive to build a world-class brand. Let’s work together. welcome to visit us, we will certainly live up to the trust.

We are right here, whether you see or not,please let us live in your heart. Our company exports optical lenses, engineering and household locks, petroleum machinery, machining shaft parts, etc. We are the import and export enterprise which is approved by Chinese Bureau of Commerce.And now our company is steady  development.Our optical products are mainly exported to European, American countries and Middle East countries. Petroleum machinery and machining shaft parts are new export projects. Relying on China’s huge market potential, labor, equipment, technology, capital and other advantages, our company is footing in the international stage.

We are waiting for you to contact us and give some advice, we believe our products and services will not let you down.