Frequently Asked Questions

♥ Are there any specific hanging instructions for your wallpapers?

Hanging instructions are sent with every roll of wallpaper. We recommend that your decorator reads these instructions fully before starting to hang the wallpaper.

♥ What are the care instructions?

Care instructions are provided with every wallpaper delivery. They can also be found here.
Please read these instructions carefully before starting to hang.

♥ Can I hang your paper on a newly plastered wall?

It is always best to allow a newly plastered wall to fully dry out for two or three weeks before hanging wallpaper. If you need to decorate before the plaster has fully dried the walls must be ‘sized’ before hanging. Use a normal decorator’s size or diluted good quality paste and then follow the hanging instructions.

When hanging vinyl or textured wallcovering please be aware that they do not allow the wall to breathe, and any moisture present in the walls will be trapped there and could create mould. The recommended paste (which includes a fungicide) will help to prevent this. Please check the hanging instructions for further information.

♥ Why is the width of my border shorter than the piece I just hung?

Like most wallpapers, borders expand when they are submerged in water, and as they dry, they contract. Most likely, you were comparing a wet border with a dry border.

♥ What size are your wallpaper samples?

Our samples are A4 (21*29 cm). You can order a sample of wallpaper by sending email to us.

Sample fee are free each but not includes VAT and postage.

If you have any queries regarding samples email us at shangqinguojimaoyi@gmail.com 

♥ What is a ‘Random match’, ‘Straight match’ or ‘Half drop’?

A ‘Random match’ is where there is no pattern at the joining edge to match, e.g. a vertical stripe.

A ‘Straight match’ is when the pattern repeats side to side on the roll. The pattern joins in the same place on the next drop of wallpaper.

A ‘Half Drop’ is when the pattern repeats diagonally across a wall, the pattern match from side to side drops down one half before repeating.

Please note, patterns with a large pattern repeat or a half drop require additional wallpaper to account for wastage.

♥ How many rolls do I require? 

Ask your decorator to calculate the number of rolls required.

Part 1
Measure the width of the wall and divide by the width of your selected wallpaper. This gives you the number of ‘drops’ required. This number should always be rounded up.

Part 2
Then measure the height of the wall. Divide the length of the roll of your selected wallpaper (standard rolls are 10m long) by the height of your wall. This gives you the number of drops you will get per roll.

Divide the number of drops required (part 1), by the number of drops per roll (part 2), equates to the number of rolls required. If you have a wallpaper that is marked as ‘half drop’, or has a large pattern repeat, add the size of the pattern repeat to the height of your wall to account for the additional wallpaper required.  

♥ If you have any unanswered questions please contact shangqinguojimaoyi@gmail.com