Wasabi Paste

  1. 100% Natural product, without any synthesize ingredient;
  2. Manufacturer direct supply, Competitive price;
  3. We have strict control quality, conform to EU/US Standard;
  4. Perishable, Keep Refrigerated;
  5. Certificate: Halal, Kosher, IFS, BRC, ISO22000(HACCP);
  6. Usages: Common fresh foods, such as lobster, sashimi, sushi, sea food, cold vegetables and other cooked food.
  7. Product specifications and packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

















Product description:

Wasabi contains plentiful protein, Vitamine and nutritive substance. It is nutritious and healthy, and also has a strong affection on antibacterial effect. It restrains bacteria and virus. The special taste can counteract fishy smell in fresh foods. So wasabi can help customers securely have fresh fish food without worrying about bacteria and virus.